Community Events

Have an idea for an event to benefit Dare to Care? Host your own! Download our third party event application (PDF) for details, or contact Laura Schiller for more information.


6th Annual Yum! Brands CANstand Day, presented by St. Albert the Great, Westport Village and Yum! Brands Foundation

Wednesday, April 20th, 3-6 pm

Westport Village (1315 Herr Lane)

Westport Village and participating shops will host a Yum! Brands CANstand Day in the covered arch area between Boom Bozz Pizza and Wild Eggs. The community is encouraged to stop by for some lemonade, sing a song, drop off some canned goods and help end hunger! Staff, students and parents from St. Albert the Great will help the Yum! Brands Foundation honor the Mayor’s request to volunteer during the Give a Day Campaign. The event benefits Dare to Care Food Bank.


Yum! Brands CANstand

Help fight hunger in our community by collecting canned goods or cash in exchange for a cup of lemonade at your own CANstand! Whether you charge one can per cup of lemonade – or ten – you’ll be making a difference for kids in Kentuckiana! To learn more, download a copy of our CANstand How-To Guide.



Dare to Care has partnered with Foodtweeks, a free mobile app that helps people make better food choices without giving up everyday foods. After downloading the Foodtweeks app for iPhone or Android, enter the promo code DARE2CARE. Every time you tweek calories out of a food you are thinking of eating, buying or cooking, Foodtweeks will donate twice as many calories to Dare to Care!


Amazon Smile

When you sign up for Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to Dare to Care. To get started and to select Dare to Care, visit