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How Food Becomes Unsafe
It only takes two people to be diagnosed with a foodborne illness to be considered an outbreak. Many hazards can make food unsafe and cause a foodborne illness, but almost all are preventable.
Practicing Good Personal Hygiene
Let's go over some personal hygiene best practices to ensure we're keeping food safe.
Receiving, Transporting and Storing Food
Next up we'll discuss how to receive, transport and store food properly.
Maintaining a Clean Space
We'll cover the basics of how to maintain a clean space to store and distribute food safely.
Preparing for a Monitoring Visit
In this section will cover all food safety compliance pieces that will be reviewed during monitoring visits.
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In this lesson, we’ll cover the specific ways that food becomes unsafe and what you can do to make sure food is safe for consumption to prevent foodborne illness.

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Food shouldn't be an impossible choice

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