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E.A. Sween Announces Product Recalls Due to Possible Listeria Contamination When a company announces a recall, market withdrawal, or safety alert, the FDA posts the company's announcement as a public service. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company. Read Announcement View Product Photos Summary Company Announcement Date: FDA Publish Date: Product Type: Food & Beverages Prepared Food Reason for Announcement: Recall Reason Description Potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes Company Name: E.A. Sween Company Brand Name: Brand Name(s) Deli Express, Market Sandwich, Market Artisan, more Product Description: Product Description Sandwiches ________________________________________ Company Announcement E.A. Sween Company announced the recall of multiple products due to possible contamination of Listeria monocytogenes, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women. Tip Top Poultry, Inc., initiated a recall and is an ingredient provider to two of E.A. Sween’s suppliers, The Suter Company, Inc. that provides chicken salad products and Baja Foods LLC that provides burritos, to the company. To date, we have not received any reported illnesses related to this organism. Retailers have been instructed to remove affected products from store shelves and inventory immediately. Customer partners with questions are asked to call our Customer Service hotline at 1-800-328-8184 and select #6 for information and refund instructions. Affected product could have been delivered in the Continental U.S., Hawaii and Guam through convenience stores and grocery and mass retail outlets. Consumers may return the affected product to the store where it was purchased for a full refund or exchange. If the product has been consumed, please call our Consumer Hotline, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST at 1-800-328-8184 and select #5. E.A. Sween is taking this action out of caution for the safety of our consumers. Items in E.A. Sween Company Recall Include: Item Name Image Consumer Lot Codes Deli Express® Chicken Salad Wedge See Below for Image 1W9059 1W9070 1W9073 1W9080 1W9086 1W9091 1W9115 1W9121 1W9123 1W9136 1W9137 1W9143 1W9158 1W9171 1W9200 1W9206 1W9217 1W9227 1W9255 1P9262 1P9263 1P9269 1W9066 1W9072 1W9079 1W9107 1W9140 1W9161 1W9170 1W9192 1W9199 1W9213 1W9221 1W9262 1P9268 Deli Express® Tuna Salad Wedge on Wheat See Below for Image 1W9060 1W9067 1W9116 1W9137 1W9144 1W9165 1W9193 1W9200 1W9214 1W9095 1W9137 1W9144 1W9157 1W9158 1W9165 1W9193 1W9221 Deli Express® Egg Salad Wedge See Below for Image 1W9060 1W9067 1W9137 1W9140 1W9158 1W9165 1W9193 1W9060 1W9067 1W9073 1W9116 1W9140 1W9158 1W9165 1W9171 1W9193 1W9200 1W9255 1P9263 Market Sandwich® Dill Egg Salad See Below for Image 1G9157 1G9193 1G9256 1G9067 1G9087 1G9136 1G9151 1G9171 1G9179 1G9186 1G9193 1G9241 1G9256 1G9263 Market Sandwich® Ranch Chicken Salad See Below for Image 1G9059 1G9079 1G9087 1G9095 1G9102 1G9107 1G9123 1G9136 1G9143 1G9151 1G9154 1G9158 1G9165 1G9171 1G9179 1G9186 1G9192 1G9193 1G9204 1G9226 1G9059 1G9102 1G9157 1G9193 1G9256 Market Sandwich® Albacore Tuna Salad See Below for Image 1G9067 1G9074 1G9087 1G9095 1G9116 1G9136 1G9151 1G9157 1G9171 1G9186 1G9193 1G9263 Market Sandwich® Cranberry/Almond Chicken Salad Mega Wedge See Below for Image 1G9066 1G9092 1G9094 1G9115 1G9123 1G9140 1G9143 1G9162 1G9165 1G9179 1G9199 1G9224 1G9234 1G9256 1G9066 1G9073 1G9094 1G9158 1G9189 1G9241 1G9267 Market Sandwich® Everything Bagel See Below for Image 1S9099 1S9099 1S9252 1S9268 Market Sandwich® Smoked Ham & Cheese SUB See Below for Image 1S9081 1S9099 Market Sandwich® Ranch Chicken Salad Croissant See Below for Image 1S9067 1S9095 1S9120 1S9141 1S9159 1S9193 1S9248 1S9268 1S9084 1S9099 1S9120 1S9158 1S9161 1S9193 1S9252 1S9260 Market Sandwich® Artisan Style White Chicken Salad See Below for Image 1U9071 1U9080 1U9087 2WW9095 2WW9116 2WW9122 1U9136 1U9137 1U9151 1U9179 1U9193 1U9200 1U9214 1U9226 1U9228 1U9249 1U9260 1U9269 1U9071 1U9080 1U9087 2WW9094 2WW9095 2WW9116 2WW9122 2WW9143 2WW9144 2WW9151 2WW9155 2WW9157 2WW9163 2WW9164 2WW9178 2WW9179 2WW9184 2WW9186 2WW9214 2WW9219 2WW9220 2WW9227 2WW9234 2WW9248 2WW9253 2WW9254 2WW9260 2WW9261 2WW9266 2WW9268 Market Artisan® Albacore Tuna Salad on Wheat See Below for Image 1U9080 1U9087 1U9137 1U9087 1U9137 1U9200 Archer Farms Cranberry Almond Chicken Flat See Below for Image 1U9081 1U9101 1U9144 1U9150 1U9158 1U9179 1U9193 1U9214 1U9221 1U9227 1U9234 1U9255 Archer Farms Turkey Havarti Flat See Below for Image 2WW9151 2WW9186 2WW9234 Good to Go Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad Mega See Below for Image 1G9066 1G9094 1G9137 1G9179 1G9189 Good to Go Chicken Salad See Below for Image 1G9067 1G9074 1G9081 1G9087 1G9116 1G9123 1G9128 1G9142 1G9143 1G9157 1G9165 1G9256 1G9263 Good to Go Tuna Salad See Below for Image 1G9067 1G9116 1G9151 1G9171 1G9193 1G9263 Kum & Go Chicken Salad Wedge See Below for Image 1W9072 1W9080 1W9093 1W9136 1W9161 1W9171 1W9206