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Product Removal Notice To: Designated Food Banks From: Meijer Recall Team Date: 11/3/19 Re: Product Removal Information – Various Frozen Veg Products from Mann Packing For your information and action, certain Best By dates of the products listed below have been removed from Meijer shelves and are no longer available for sale due to: possible contamination with Listeria. If any of the products below have a “Best If Enjoyed By” date between October-11 2019 and Nov-16 2019: 7-16519-00028-7 MP KALE BEET BLEND 8 OZ 7-16519-00358-5 MP CAULLINI 10 OZ 7-16519-01035-4 STEAMABLE BRUSSEL SPROUTS 7-16519-01301-0 MP BROCCOLI FLORETS 12 OZ 7-16519-01303-4 MP BROCCOLI/CAULIFLOWER FLORETS 12 OZ 7-16519-01304-1 MP VEGETABLE MEDLEY 12 OZ 7-16519-01305-8 12 OZ MP BROCCOLI/CARROTS 7-16519-01306-5 MP CALIF STIR FRY MIX 12 OZ 7-16519-01307-2 MP BROCCOLI COLE SLAW 12 OZ 7-16519-01308-9 MP RAINBOW SALAD 12 OZ 7-16519-01311-9 MP POWER BLEND 10 0Z 7-16519-01403-1 MP CAULIFLOWER FLORETTS 10OZ 7-16519-02015-5 MP VEGETABLE MEDLEY 2 LB 7-16519-02016-2 MP BROCCOLI FLORETS 2 LB 7-16519-03101-4 MP OR BROCCOLI FLORETTES 10 OZ 7-16519-03102-1 MP OR VEGETABLE MEDLEY 10 OZ 7-16519-03103-8 MP OR BROCCOLI SLAW 10 OZ 7-16519-03104-5 MP OR BROCCOLI/CARROTS 10 OZ 7-16519-03679-8 MP NOURISH BOWLS MONTEREY RISOTTO 8.75 O 7-16519-03681-1 MP NOURISH BOWLS SESAME SRIRACHA 12 OZ MP NOURISH BOWLS 7-16519-03685-9 SOUTHWEST CHIPOTLE 10.5 7-16519-03689-7 MP NOURISH BOWLS CAULI-RICE CURRY 11 OZ 7-16519-03694-1 MP NOURISH BOWLS BACON MAPLE BRUSSELS 7. 7-16519-03698-9 MP NOURISH BOWLS SPICY THAI 9.75 OZ 7-16519-03884-6 MANNS NOURISH BOWLS BREAKFAST DENVER SC 7-16519-03885-3 MANNS NOURISH BOWL BREAKFAST FIESTA 7-16519-04005-4 MP CRAVE A BOWL SWEET CORN 7 OZ 7-16519-04006-1 MP CRAVE A BOWL ZESTY GREEN CHILI 7 OZ 7-16519-04007-8 MP CRAVE A BOWL SPICY MARINARA 7 OZ 7-16519-04501-1 MP GREEN BEANS 12 OZ 7-16519-04515-8 MP GREEN BEANS 24 OZ 7-16519-04999-6 MP ORG GREEN BEANS 10 OZ 7-16519-05999-5 MP ORG CAULIFLOWER FLORETS 10 OZ 7-16519-06150-9 MP KOHLRABI LINQUINE 10 OZ 7-16519-06903-1 MP CAULIETTES CHOP 12 OZ If you have received this product in your Meijer donations, please remove this item from your shelves immediately and DESTROY. Thank you! Meijer Recall Team To update our distribution of this notification, please notify us at