RECALL: Product Removal Information – Premo Brand Subs

Dear Partners:


Please review the following recall below, check your inventory for affected products, and take necessary action.


Post this recall notice where those accessing your organization can see it (e.g., bulletin board, website, social media).


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Product Removal Notice



To:         Designated Food Banks

From:   Meijer Recall Team

Date:     6/27/2024

Re:        Product Removal Information – Premo Brand Subs


For your information and action, specific lots of Premo Brand Subs have been removed from Meijer shelves and are no longer available for sale due to: possible contamination with Salmonella.


UPC UPC Description Lot Code
6-12510-00104-2 PREMO SUB TURKEY AND SWISS 6 OZ Best By
6-12510-09383-2 PREMO SUB MEAT LOVERS 7 OZ Best By


If you have received these products in your Meijer donations, please remove these items from your shelves immediately and destroy them.


Thank you!