A child in a purple sleeve costume is focused on eating a colorful frozen treat.

Donate Monthly

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Help provide food and hope

Our cherished monthly supporter community who create a sustainable impact for our Kentuckiana neighbors experiencing hunger. Monthly Donors are a CORE part of our mission, ensuring that your Kentuckiana neighbors have access to the meals they need now and in the months ahead.

Why Give Monthly?

A simple line-art icon depicts a calendar with a heart symbol in the center of the date space, conveying the idea of a special or loved date.

It’s Sustainable

Monthly giving provides year-round, reliable funding to help our core mission: feeding children and families facing hunger.

The icon represents a group of figures, suggesting community, family, or team dynamics.

It’s a community

When you become an Apple Core member, you join a passionate and dedicated group of supporters.

A red background hosts a white circular logo with arrows pointing clockwise, representing recycling or an eco-friendly concept.

It’s Easy

After setting up a recurring donation, your gift will be made automatically each month. There’s no need to set reminders or pay for stamps.

A little can go a long way!

As little as $15 per month can help provide 540 meals to our neighbors during the year!