A person in a pink shirt is holding a cardboard box filled with groceries, highlighting a charitable activity or food donation.

Get Involved

Ending hunger will take us all. Get involved today.

A simple icon of a calendar with a star on the date represents a special event or important day.

Attend an event

We procure food from donors and community food drives. We also purchase food items.

A simple green and white graphic showcases three dollar signs, with the largest in the center and two smaller ones above and to the sides, possibly representing financial growth or wealth management.

Host a food/fund drive

We partner with emergency kitchens, shelters and food pantries.

A simplistic white outline of a strawberry on a tomato can is depicted against a red background.

Host an event

We are the leading nonprofit addressing the hunger needs of Kentuckiana.

Ready to make a difference?

1 in 7 individuals in our community lacks enough food to live an active, healthy life. Together, we can change that.